Kasey’s River Song

Kasey’s River Song

Subtitle : Spinnig Dreams In Gold Rush Alaska
Author : Norma Lewis
ISBN No. : 9781594336133


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Book : Kasey’s River Song

ISBN Number : 9781594336133
Book Name : Kasey’s River Song (Spinnig Dreams In Gold Rush Alaska)
Book Pages : 112
Book Size : 5.06 X 7.81
Book Weight : 0.32

Thirteen-year-old Kathleen Camille (Kasey) Mackenzie faces challenges in Alaska that will require all the strength and courage she can muster. She is forced to struggle with everything from a dress-stealing bear to a killer storm. The unthinkable happens: the death of her beloved father in a mining accident. Her mother had died two years earlier. Now she’s alone in Alaska, but only until her grandmother comes to rescue her–whether she wants rescuing or not. Though mature beyond her years, Kasey is far from perfect. She can’t quite control a wide stubborn streak and alienates two of the people she loves most. Her strong will might help find everything she longs for?or it could be her undoing.

Author : Norma Lewis

Norma Lewis has long been in love with Alaska. Her office contains a 30-year collection of Alaska magazine, and more than 150 Alaska-themed books on everything from history to travel to Native life. She always starts her Anchorage visits at the local bookstore. On her frequent Alaska trips she has explored the state by motorhome, ferry, bus, bush plane, rental car, and mail plane. In 2014 she was Jason Mackey's IditaRider. Norma's books include six local history books about Southwest Michigan, a children's book about the Transcontinental Railroad and a Christmas picture book. She has five other Alaska-themed books in various stages of completion. When not planning her next Alaska adventure, Norma can be found spending time with her amazing grandkids, and Scalawag, an aptly-named orange cat.

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