My Kind of Heroes
My Kind of Heroes

My Kind of Heroes

Subtitle : Not the Usual Kind—Book One
Author : Carl Douglass
ISBN No. : 9781637473993


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Book : My Kind of Heroes

ISBN Number : 9781637473993
Book Name : My Kind of Heroes (Not the Usual Kind—Book One)
Book Pages : 182
Book Size : 6 x 9
Book Weight : 0.56

My Kind of Heroes is the inaugural work in a compelling seven-book series by Carl Douglass, Neurosurgeon Turned Author who Writes With Gripping Realism. Carl offers a fresh take on heroism through the lens of lesser-known but equally impactful figures. My Kind of Heroes steps away from the common hero narrative that focuses on the realms of sports, entertainment, or high-profile leaders. Instead, Douglass spotlights individuals whose significant contributions have been overlooked or underappreciated.

My Kind of Heroes is a collection of concise historical profiles that shine a light on individuals chosen for their quiet influence and meaningful actions, rather than their fame. Douglass’s work is a tribute to those who have acted heroically without seeking the limelight—people whose stories, though not often in the headlines, are rich with inspiration and deserve our recognition and appreciation.

While platforms like CNN celebrate modern-day heroes, Douglass’s My Kind of Heroes stands out by broadening the definition of heroism. It goes beyond the widely recognized heroes to honor those who have made a difference behind the scenes. This unique perspective sets the stage for the six volumes to follow, inviting readers to expand their understanding of heroism and the remarkable individuals who embody it.

Author : Carl Douglass

Author Tag Line : Neurosurgeon Turned Author who Writes With Gripping Realism

Carl Douglass is a retired neurosurgeon who writes with gritty realism on various subjects and is not a shrinking violet regarding controversy. He was born and reared in a small mountain town and learned early to fight for his place. He had to work, so he had jobs as a service station attendant and amateur mechanic, a lumber mill hand, a lumberjack in the forest, a lifeguard, a lab rat, a slaughterhouse worker, a diener in a morgue, and finally, a surgeon. He was educated at Stanford, the Universities of Utah and Minnesota, in the US Navy during the unpleasantness in Viet Nam, in academia, and in the competitive world of private practice neurosurgery. He can lift a jack, lay a track, split a log, build a fence, dig a trench, dissect a cadaver, butcher a beef, hog, or a chicken, teach Jiu Jitsu, do a more than credible job in a wide range of surgery [he is not a limited specialist] give a cogent talk on political ideology, brain surgery, the avoidance of extensive back surgery, or military strategy. His Jack-of-all Trades experience provides life and color to his books. Carl has two goals in his authorship of books: inform, entertain, and improve his serious readers and to spin a good yarn about a piece of history that has been neglected and should not be.


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