My Pursuit of the Axis of Evil

My Pursuit of the Axis of Evil

Subtitle : And Other True Stories From Asia and Alaska
Author : Bill Cox
ISBN No. : 9781637470954



Book : My Pursuit of the Axis of Evil

ISBN Number : 9781637470954
Book Name : My Pursuit of the Axis of Evil (And Other True Stories From Asia and Alaska)
Book Pages : 352

My Pursuit of the Axis of Evil is about meetings and adventures with interesting people in Asia and Alaska. I followed the advice of a long-ago traveler named Pythagoras, who admonished us to “check your prejudices at every port of entry.” As a result, I mostly traveled solo, merged with the locals, and got to see, experience, and understand things that would not have been otherwise possible. Plus, the locals can keep you out of trouble and get you out of trouble if you get into it! In Alaska, I sought out native elders and others in the far corners of this enormous state, street people, and the many interesting and famous people visiting or passing through. And high-level politicians—often at the opposite end of the political and social issues spectrum than me. I learned a lot, made new friends, and often got to see things from a different perspective. Encounters were overwhelmingly positive, and it is these people to whom I dedicate My Pursuit of the Axis of Evil. I commend you for your natural curiosity and desire to go out into the world and see for yourself. Pursuit of the Axis of Evil is a great primer on how to engage and interact with the incredible variety of people we meet on international travel – people that appear on the surface to be very different from you and me. Robert DeLaurentis, Polar and Equitorial Circumnavigator/Citizen of the World. “

Author : Bill Cox

Bill Cox's favorite directions are west, north, and uphill. He grew up in New Jersey, transited to Michigan for undergrad, medical school, and residency before heading to Alaska in 1984. While backpacking through Europe in 1972, a seed for adventure was planted after Bill took off uphill in the Swiss Alps and met Hans, an old man who spent his summers high up in the Alps, in the shadow of the Jungfrau, where he made cheese. Bill says,\“I walked into a fairy tale.” That seed found fertile ground and sprouted in the Last Frontier known as Alaska—and even more so in the vast continent of Asia beckoning from just across the Pacific. Adventure called with 26 trips overseas which found him wandering across Siberia, Mongolia, India, and the smaller countries of Southeast Asia. From a sit-down meeting with the Dalai Lama in India to drinking gin with a member of the criminal mafia in the Russian Far East to coffee with a homeless street friend at an Anchorage, Alaska McDonalds, My Pursuit of the Axis of Evil will excite, educate, and exhilarate.

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