Pray for Justice

Pray for Justice

Subtitle : On the Trail With Orrin Porter Rockwel
Author : Marc Otte
ISBN No. : 9781888125191


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Book : Pray for Justice

ISBN Number : 9781888125191
Book Name : Pray for Justice (On the Trail With Orrin Porter Rockwel)
Book Pages : 176
Book Size : 6 x 9
Book Weight : 0.66

When a mutual friend and fellow church member is murdered during a prison break, two modern-day deputy U.S. Marshals, Skip Garret and Terry McGreggor, are spurred into a horse back chase after three ruthless outlaws through the rugged mountains of northwestern Montana. The manhunt pits them, not only against vicious killers and the remote Montana wilderness, but against hate, their own spirituality, and the hard decisions a lawman must make in the discharge of his duties. Without most of the conveniences of a present-day peace officer, the friends are content to rely on their trusty mountain horses and personal strengths. Not until the most famous of all Mormon gunfighters, Orrin Porter Rockwell, pays them a visit from across death’s veil, do they come to realize the importance of relying on a power far greater than their own. Pray for Justice reads like your favorite western novel.

Author : Marc Otte

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