President Sybil Norcroft

President Sybil Norcroft

Subtitle : Rumors of War, Secession, and Trouble
Author : Carl Douglas
ISBN No. : 9781637470756


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Book : President Sybil Norcroft

ISBN Number : 9781637470756
Book Name : President Sybil Norcroft (Rumors of War, Secession, and Trouble)
Book Pages : 132

President Sybil Norton Daniels’s presidency is tumultuous, to put it mildly. In this, the eleventh book of the series, there are rumors of war and some serious skirmishes, a legal battle over secession moving seriously through the courts, and beaucoup troubles for the harried president–the first woman to hold the office. There is a scandal popularly known as the New Teapot Dome Scandal,’ a National Enquirer contrived and photoshopped lurid expose,’ a hate crime by New Confederate secessionists that incites riot, and “The Trial of the Century,” the National Guard is called out, the draft is reinstated. US missiles deal with a North Korean missile and artillery threat. It will be a wonder if Sybil can juggle all of the balls that keep coming her way.”

Author : Carl Douglas

Author Tag Line : Neurosurgeon Turned Author Writes With Gripping Realism

Carl Douglass has written forty books and intends to keep at it, especially while he is homebound during the pandemic crisis. He and his wife are safe and secure in their mountain home, and they wish everyone everywhere to listen to the scientists, protect themselves, and come out at the end of this crisis whole and happy.

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