Road Trip with Remington Beagle
Road Trip with Remington Beagle

Road Trip with Remington Beagle

Subtitle : Michigan to Alaska and Back
Author : Valerie Winans
ISBN No. : 9781594338021



Book : Road Trip with Remington Beagle

ISBN Number : 9781594338021
Book Name : Road Trip with Remington Beagle (Michigan to Alaska and Back)

Take a road trip with me, Remington Beagle, from Traverse City, Michigan to various destinations in Alaska. As the head beagle in charge of this adventure, I will guide the reader along the famous Alaska Highway (also known as the Alcan). This recreational vehicle journey continues on some of the most scenic and exciting roads on the continent making this a unique travel log for people who love camping and storytelling beagles. This Alaska joyride takes us as far north as Barrow, Alaska (the most northern community on the North American Continent) to Homer, Alaska in the south and destinations in between. As you ramble with us along these roads and share the Alaska experience from a dog’s eye view, you will be enticed to make this trek on your own. I will be happy to join you as I never tire of neither the Alaska experience nor the roads that take me there.

Author : Valerie Winans

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