Salmon and Sockeye: A Spring Day Adventure

Salmon and Sockeye: A Spring Day Adventure

Subtitle : Two Alaska Brown Bear Cub On A Spring Day Adventure
Author : Shawn Rogers
ISBN No. : 9781594330438


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Book : Salmon and Sockeye: A Spring Day Adventure

ISBN Number : 9781594330438
Book Name : Salmon and Sockeye: A Spring Day Adventure (Two Alaska Brown Bear Cub On A Spring Day Adventure)
Book Pages : 32
Book Size : 8.5X11
Book Weight : 0.8

Anxious for hibernation to be over, mischievous twins sneak away from their cave…and Mama Bear. Salmon and Sockeye, a pair of Alaska brown bear cubs, decide to explore the wonders of spring on their own. But what happens when they realize it’s not so easy to get back to their cave…and Mama Bear? The artwork features clever cut-outs handcrafted from construction paper. This story is sure to delight children and parents alike as well as reinforce an important rule for safety.

Author : Shawn Rogers

Shawn Rogers was born and raised in Eagle River, Alaska. She is a bear enthusiast and spent several summers helping visitors around Katmai National Park. She and her husband have a home in Anchorage, Alaska where Shawn shares her love of stories and art with their three little cubs.

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