Stormbird of the Serengeti

Stormbird of the Serengeti

Subtitle : And Other African Tales
Author : Joyce Porte
ISBN No. : 9781594331213


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Book : Stormbird of the Serengeti

ISBN Number : 9781594331213
Book Name : Stormbird of the Serengeti (And Other African Tales)
Book Pages : 144
Book Size : 5.5X8.5
Book Weight : 0.38

SERENGETI: Those vast African grasslands where God poured out herds of wildlife to trek across the savannahs after the thunderous rains. He turned the full brilliance of the sun on the land for warmth. He then put people there and gave them cattle for their wealth and music for their joy. Hear the call of the birds, and smile as the children play Somewhere, a lion roars as the sun sinks below the horizon. Warm winds carry the smell of rain and the heady odor of human toil as a stew cooks over a charcoal fire. Human tragedy unfolds in slavery and disease. Strangers from other lands come, some to love and care, some to destroy, most without regard to the fragile Serengeti. Come with me and meet the many–both native and transplant–who live, love, and die in this magnificently brutal land.

Author : Joyce Porte

Joyce Baker Porte lived in British Colonial East Africa as the daughter of American pioneer missionaries. The best part of these years was within a few miles of the northern finger of the Serengeti Game Reserve. She attended a boarding school in Kenya until she graduated from high school and returned to the States. She presently lives in Homer, Alaska with her husband, Vince, and works as a real estate broker and writer. She is the author of WHERE LIONS STILL ROAR and ROGUE LIONESS, the first two books of a historical trilogy based in what is now called Tanzania.

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