The Matter of the Phantom Purloiners
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The Matter of the Phantom Purloiners

Author : Steve Levi
ISBN No. : 9781594338564



Book : The Matter of the Phantom Purloiners

ISBN Number : 9781594338564
Book Name : The Matter of the Phantom Purloiners

Captain Heinz Noonan, Master of the Impossible Crime, is in Wyoming to solve an odd murder. A transient is under arrest, accused of murdering himself with a weapon that cannot be found at a time no one could pinpoint for an unknown motive. And how is this murder linked with three odd robberies in three different Wyoming towns in adjacent counties and what does all of this have to do with $25 million in missing Russian money from Philadelphia? See if you can solve the impossible crime faster than Detective Heinz Noonan.

Author : Steve Levi

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