The Price of Paradise

The Price of Paradise

Subtitle : Alaskan Trapper Relives Youth of Grand Adventures and Hardships
Author : Mark Schlenker
ISBN No. : 9781637472651
5.00 out of 5 based on 2 customer ratings
(2 customer reviews)


Book : The Price of Paradise

ISBN Number : 9781637472651
Book Name : The Price of Paradise (Alaskan Trapper Relives Youth of Grand Adventures and Hardships)
Book Pages : 208
Book Size : 6 X 8.5

The Price of Paradise is a must-read for anyone who enjoys Alaskan adventure. From childhood dream to the boreal forest, the author sets forth an unforgettable memoir of adventure and perseverance. You will feel the emotion of his successes and the pain of his failures. You will hear the howl of the wolves and shiver in the cold. You will shake your head in disbelief. You may laugh and cry, but most of all, you will know the freedom he found.

My first experience with Mark and Ken was during the winter of 1982. I was flying around looking for wolves, when I came on a myriad of snowshoe trails. These trails went in every direction and covered a fairly large area. “Now, who in the world would do that? I wondered. I met Mark the following winter when he stopped by our airstrip looking to fly over his trapping area. A friendship was born that day, which now spans over 35 years. Whether on the trapline or out hunting, we have shared some great adventures and made a lot of good memories. Mark has set forth his memories of a lifetime on the trail within the pages of this book. With his gift for story-telling, there’s no doubt it will be a memorable read.
Chuck McMaha, Gakona Guide Service

A legend of the Last Frontier in his own right, Mark had the best of two worlds. He spent 34 years (1988-2021) working  for the Alaska Department of Fish and Game every summer, then hunting and trapping his way through the rest of the year. As a colleague and friend for the last 20 years, I can assure you that several lifetimes of riveting outdoor adventures lie between the covers of this book. I don’t know if Mark had an affinity for bizarre and unusual outdoor experiences, or if those experiences had an affinity for him. No doubt, Mark’s harrowing adventures, coupled with his story-telling skills, are rivaled by few.
Corey Schwanke, Fisherman and Fisheries Biologist

Author : Mark Schlenker

Mark Schlenker was born in central Iowa in 1959. He first came to Alaska in 1977, right out of high school. He planned to spend the winter trapping, then return to Iowa to get a fish and wildlife biology degree. His attempt at higher education was cut short by his longing for the wilderness. He returned to Alaska in 1980, where he made his living trapping, guiding, and working for the Department of Fish and Game for thirty-five years. Now retired, he still lives and traps out of the cabin he built in the tiny community of Gakona, Alaska.

2 reviews for The Price of Paradise

  1. 5 out of 5


    Incredible man… amazing life and…great guardian angels.

  2. 5 out of 5


    fascinating stories from a master story teller. decisions made in the wild at forty below zero are routinely life or death. multiplied by 40 seasons and you have the story of a modern alaska pioneer.

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