The Twinning Factor

The Twinning Factor

Subtitle : McGee Faces A Conundrum
Author : Carl Douglass
ISBN No. : 9781637470299


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Book : The Twinning Factor

ISBN Number : 9781637470299
Book Name : The Twinning Factor (McGee Faces A Conundrum)

The Twinning Factor: Perfect Murders, McGee Faces a Conundrum, Book Seven in the Joseph McGee: Private Investigator series, sees McGee assist DCIA Sybil Norcroft in the latter stages famous Beelzebub, the Magnificent dragnet, followed by his greatest conundrum ever. The story unravels the mysteries of trafficked girls, mass murders, perfect alibis, the problematical riddle posed by identical twins with one name. New Yorker, McGee ends up in a decrepit hacienda in Santa Rosa, Guadalupe County, New Mexico, as his likely last chance for success.

Author : Carl Douglass

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