The Ways of Stardust

The Ways of Stardust

Subtitle : The Epic Conclusion to The Promise Me Eternity Trilogy
Author : Willis, Shiloh
ISBN No. : 9781637471227



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Book : The Ways of Stardust

ISBN Number : 9781637471227
Book Name : The Ways of Stardust (The Epic Conclusion to The Promise Me Eternity Trilogy)
Book Pages : 282
Book Size : 6 X 9
Book Weight : 0.76

Celina Montoya, newly graduated from high school, finds her world upended by a family tragedy. Devastated by the loss and desperate to escape her grief, she reluctantly accepts a teaching assistant position at a mission school in Old Mexico after learning that her late father was abandoned there as a child. Upon arriving, however, she finds, to her dismay, that, with no college education or experience, she is to be the lead and only teacher for learning-disabled children. Far from home and with a blind seven-year-old in tow, Celina realizes her strength of heart and stubborn determination can help her teach children once called unteachable. As Celina gradually wins over her schoolchildren and discovers her beloved father’s past, she also learns the touch of true love can take a heart once called dead and bring it to life again. . . . How could she have planned on forever when she hadn’t planned on him?

Author : Willis, Shiloh

Author Tag Line : Alaskan Author of Grit, Love, Triumph, and Determination

Author Shiloh Willis grew up in the Bristol Bay area of Bush, Alaska. Her formative years, spent in a remote village, give her a unique perspective on life, evident in her writing. The Music of What Happens is Shiloh's third novel and the long-awaited sequel to Promise Me Eternity. Her passion is writing, but she enjoys ceramic painting, singing, and movies.


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