The Young Coyote

The Young Coyote

Subtitle : Garven Wilsonhulme's Way to Success?No Quarter Asked and None Given
Author : Carl Douglass
Series : Saga Of A Neurosurgeon Series Book One
ISBN No. : 9781594333149


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Book : The Young Coyote

ISBN Number : 9781594333149
Book Name : The Young Coyote (Garven Wilsonhulme's Way to Success?No Quarter Asked and None Given)
Book Series : Saga Of A Neurosurgeon Series Book One
Book Pages : 202
Book Size : 6X9
Book Weight : 0.8

The Young Coyote tells the hard-hitting story of a boy from Cipher, Arizona who is expected to be a zero just like his town. He has no intention of fitting into that conventional wisdom and fights with his fists and his mind to get up and out of his straitened circumstances. He makes it to Stanford University with a pugnacious attitude where he meets snobbery and prejudice. At Stanford, he finds out that his real fight is just beginning. Garven Wilsonhulme will succeed at any cost.

Author : Carl Douglass

Author Tag Line : Neurosurgeon Turned Author Writes With Gripping Realism

Carl Douglass, Neurosurgeon turned Author, writes with gripping realism about the harsh world of escape from poverty and a stultifying small town into a level of competition that exceeds his worst nightmares as he climbs to the top of the world's most competitive profession. Douglass knows that world well and brings it to vivid life in The Young Coyote. Carl lives in the tranquility of a high Rocky Mountain home and reflects in his books on his fascinating and sometimes tumultuous life.

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