Vanished: Bear Trails

Vanished: Bear Trails

Author : Darrell Farmen
ISBN No. : 9781594337338



Book : Vanished: Bear Trails

ISBN Number : 9781594337338
Book Name : Vanished: Bear Trails

I met Darrell Farmen in 1975, when he was serving on the Board of Game. Over the next few years, Darrell shared remarkable stories about Alaska’s hunting past. I have since hunted Kodiak several times, stayed in the cabins at Karluk Lake and read all the names on the cabin walls from successful hunters guided by this extraordinary outdoorsman. Perhaps, one day you will be inspired to do the same. I am extremely thankful that Darrell has written about his Kodiak adventures. In these pages, Darrell takes you hunting with him, and makes sure you learn something along the way. In addition to the hunting stories, he delineates with great humility many of the trials and tribulations he and others faced. You will understand the harsh Kodiak climate that Darrell and his clients endured and the skills they required to withstand these hardships. If you have hunted bears on Kodiak Island or even dreamt about hunting there, this book is a must-read. Ted Spraker

Author : Darrell Farmen

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