Buffalo Soldier

Buffalo Soldier

Buffalo Soldier

Posted on 09/05/2022 Evan Swensen
Buffalo Soldier

Ollen Hunt’s (his real name) book, Buffalo Soldier, entered our publishing process as, What I Have Done for My Country. This title didn’t seem correct for Ollen’s new book. Our publishing contract shows the title suggested by the author as the working title. The author’s suggested title is often changed, and the proposed title becomes the subtitle.

I felt that Ollen’s book was a good one, but I questioned if anyone would buy it with the suggested title printed on the front cover. Consequently, we issued Ollen’s publishing contract with the working title, What I Have Done for My Country.

As we progressed with the publishing process, we discovered that Ollen’s real story was hardly mentioned in the manuscript. The real story was that Ollen was one of the last Buffalo Soldiers.

We learned that early black infantry regiments were nicknamed Buffalo Soldiers by Native Americans, symbolizing the respect they had for the African-American soldier’s bravery and valor. For more than 150 years, these descendants of kings and queens, chiefs, leaders, and people of Africa have distinguished themselves with desire, dedication, and discipline.

Ollen’s manuscript demonstrated that his life exemplified these characteristics. His story is one of desire, dedication, and discipline; of bravery and valor. Throughout his life, he’s shown that regardless of humble beginnings, prejudice, war, and other handicaps and hardships of life, a man can succeed if he adopts the attitude of the early Buffalo Soldier’s slogan: Deeds, Not Words!

Hence, Ollen’s autobiography became Buffalo Soldier with the subtitle, What I did for my Country and What my Country did for me.

Writing and marketing his book has given Ollen the joy of meeting and inspiring many people. One person inspired by Ollen gave him a personalized, embroidered Buffalo Soldier baseball cap. Another fan presented him with a matching jacket. The cap and jacket became Ollen’s uniform for his many book signings and public appearances.

Soon after the 12th printing of Buffalo Soldier, Ollen passed away.

His family asked that I give the eulogy at his funeral.

I was honored and used many stories from Buffalo Soldier in his eulogy.

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