Desire, Dedication, and Discipline

Desire, Dedication, and Discipline

Desire, Dedication, and Discipline

Posted on 09/06/2022 Evan Swensen
Desire, Dedication, and Discipline

We’ve been asked, “How was Ollen Hunt (his real name) able to sell so many books that Buffalo Soldier had twelve printings?”

One of the reasons was that Ollen worked at it every day.

Ollen kept a case of books in his car and carried several copies with him wherever he went.

Ollen never met a stranger. Wearing his Buffalo Soldier hat and jacket, he talked with everyone he met. Naturally, the conversation always turned to the handful of Buffalo Soldier he was carrying, and he would hand a copy of the book to the person he was talking with—every time, without fail. The person often kept the book and handed Ollen a credit card or money.

Book signings were a delight for Ollen. He had at least one signing a week.

Ollen and the manager of Borders Books had an agreement. Ollen was welcome to do a book signing anytime—scheduled or impromptu. So, most Fridays, you’d find Ollen sitting at a table at Borders Books wearing his book signing uniform—his Buffalo Soldier hat and jacket.

Wisely, bookstore personnel positioned Ollen near the front door and on the path to the store’s coffee shop. Coffee shop visitors would see and greet Ollen every Friday. If they didn’t stop and talk on their first visit, within a short time, you’d see them stop and talk to the Buffalo Solider; many of them took the book Ollen handed them to the checkout counter.

Returning purchasers became friends with Ollen, and many returned to purchase additional books as gifts for friends and family. For example, after reading Buffalo Soldier, one buyer returned at Christmas and bought ten copies for family members.

Regarding book signing, the Buffalo Soldier distinguished himself with desire, dedication, and discipline—and his book had twelve printings.

This brings up a question, what can bookstores and authors learn from the Buffalo Soldier?

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