How to Choose Which Publishing Program is Right For You: Diamond, Ruby, or Sapphire

How to Choose Which Publishing Program is Right For You: Diamond, Ruby, or Sapphire

How to Choose Which Publishing Program is Right For You: Diamond, Ruby, or Sapphire

Posted on 10/11/2016 Evan Swensen

As writers ourselves, we understand what writers want. As publishers, we know what writers need when it comes to their book. Unlike other book publishers who have a one-size-fits-all approach, we provide the new or veteran author with not only integrity, but options. With our Diamond, Ruby, and Sapphire options, every author can find which program works best for them.

How To Choose Which Publishing Program is Right for You


The Diamond publishing program is a wonderful choice for the serious author. Before we begin, we agree on the fee and with which services we will assist. You pay all the costs, yet reap all the rewards. We assist you with everything you need, from determining paper and style to the binding and illustrations. We’ll help you see the potential, but the final decision always rests with you.

We will obtain the copyright (in your name), as well as the ISBN number, and register your book with the Library of Congress. This way, you are able to sell your book online and off. We will also provide you with a website ( and help you learn how to use it.


Ruby authors receive many of the same benefits as Diamond authors. Your book is taken from manuscript to finished book (and eBook). At the start, we will decide on the terms. You will be a part of the layout, design, and other parts of creating your book, as well as in the marketing and distribution of it. All of the details of the book, from the style to the illustrations, will be agreed upon by you.

Just like in the Diamond program, we will create a website for you ( and teach you how to use it. We will supplement, complement, and coordinate your marketing efforts.

The main difference between the Ruby and the Diamond publishing packages are the costs. For an author wavering between the two, go with the Diamond package. It will enable you to keep more of the profits.


This option features the same benefits as above: you receive a website in your name, have marketing help, and will proof the final copy of your book. The key difference lies in the profits. For the Sapphire publishing package, authors will receive 10% royalty.


No matter what publishing program you decide to use, let “Bringing Your Book To Market [1]” take the mystery out of the process. This helpful guide will help you better understand how publishing works before you begin.

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