22 and the Mother of 11
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22 and the Mother of 11

Author : Betty Arnett
ISBN No. : 9781594336959


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Book : 22 and the Mother of 11

ISBN Number : 9781594336959
Book Name : 22 and the Mother of 11

Just out of college, Betty Jane adventures from Tennessee to Seward, Alaska, to become a housemother at Jesse Lee Home for children. She arrives fearful that someone will learn of her romantic adventures en-route and find them unbecoming of a young woman, who was sent by the Methodist church to care for eleven little boys. With no parenting skills, how will she wade through all of the children’s disputes, temper tantrums, and tattling? Was her new reality that of referee, disciplinarian, counselor, nurse, as well as housemother? She soon learns these are the minimum instant mother qualifications. 22 and the Mother of 11 is an engaging, delightful, entertaining, and humorous Alaska memoir.

Author : Betty Arnett

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