A Search for Adventure Leads to Alaska

A Search for Adventure Leads to Alaska

Subtitle : A Search for Adventure Leads to Alaska
Author : Wolf Hebel
ISBN No. : 9781594333323


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Book : A Search for Adventure Leads to Alaska

ISBN Number : 9781594333323
Book Name : A Search for Adventure Leads to Alaska (A Search for Adventure Leads to Alaska)
Book Pages : 320
Book Size : 6 X 9
Book Weight : 1.16

In spite of spending his early childhood in Berlin, Germany during WWII, Wolfgang had developed a love for animals and nature as well as for adventure. After the war, living with his parents and his younger siblings in Braunschweig, Germany, he finished school, became a journeyman glassblower, got married and settled down to, what would be for most people, a promising future.

But his childhood dreams of adventure grew to a restless longing for distant lands, and soon he had talked his young wife into emigrating to Canada with him. A year later the couple was on their way to California, USA and heading toward a divorce. Being single again in California during the 60s had attractions for a young man in his 20s, but with a couple of like-minded friends Wolfgang soon was heading north again, all the way to Alaska. In Alaska new opportunities for the fulfillment of his childhood dreams pre- sented itself and were gladly taken advantage of.

Today in advanced age, Wolf, as he is known nowadays, is still living on his own terms with his dog, Thorak, in a small village on the Yukon, and his philosophy is that everything happens for a reason!

Author : Wolf Hebel

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