Alaska — The Short And Long Of It

Alaska — The Short And Long Of It

Subtitle : Alaska -- The Short And Long Of It
Author : James von der heydt
ISBN No. : 9781888125726


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Book : Alaska — The Short And Long Of It

ISBN Number : 9781888125726
Book Name : Alaska — The Short And Long Of It (Alaska -- The Short And Long Of It)
Book Pages : 208
Book Size : 6 X 9
Book Weight : 0.76

Take note — James A. von der Heydt, as formality requires, introduces you to Champagne Charlie. Learn how he got his most interesting name and what drew him to the far north, how he fared once there. Meet, too, Mollie, young lady of the gold rush era, who mined by herself in the Nome goldfields as a proper Victorian lady was not supposed to do. You will like Mollie, alone, pursuing success in a man’s world. The memory of Joe Filmore will stay with you, a young wanderer, uneducated, who returns to his boyhood home after many year’s absence to find more trouble than any man is entitled to. You will remember well Old Eskimo Simon who fulfills his promise of long before to his own grandfather, to return to that special place, to contact for the last time the ancient spirits of the whale, seal, and caribou. These, and other adventures fill the pages of Alaska, The Short and Long of It. They, as well, merit formal introduction, but to read of them here is the best meeting of all.

Author : James von der heydt

James A. von der Heydt, a Montanan by birth, first entered the world in Miles City in July, 1919. Growing-up years found the youngster in the Butte-Ramsay area of western Montana, and later for high school, in Oak Park, Illinois. During this time, young Jim von der Heydt developed a keen and unwavering interest in the then Territory of Alaska. In 1942, following a college degree from Albion College, Michigan, he determined to pursue his long-held desire to journey to Alaska to learn what the Territory was all about. Thus, June of 1943 found our hero alighting from a weary old tub-of-a-boat in Valdez, bent upon ensuring that the Alcan Highway, then an important part of the nation's war effort, was properly constructed. His love and fascination for Alaska has not diminished. A law degree later became a reality, and the author has practiced law in Nome, served on both the State Court System in Juneau, and the Federal Courts of Alaska, headquartered in Anchorage, where he now resides. It has been a long and wonderful adventure which continues to this day.

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