Alaska Is My Mistress

Alaska Is My Mistress

Subtitle : Alaska's Allure-Beautiful and Dangerous
Author : Jerre Wills
ISBN No. : 9781594334771


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Book : Alaska Is My Mistress

ISBN Number : 9781594334771
Book Name : Alaska Is My Mistress (Alaska's Allure-Beautiful and Dangerous)
Book Pages : 320
Book Size : 6 X 9
Book Weight : 1.1

Jerre Wills was in his late teens when he began feeling something tugging at his shirt-tail, and finally pulling with the force of a 300 pound barn-door halibut heading for deep water on the end of a fishing line. Whatever the powerful pull was, its 5,000 mile beckon, brought the young Wills family to Alaska in March of 1959. First it was the homestead; hunting soon followed; commercial fishing, an improbable occupation became a passion; and becoming a pilot and flying small bush-planes was justified by guiding big game hunters. All of these adventures gave Jerre an appreciation for Alaska’s land, sea, and air. Alaska’s allure became a 55-year love affair with the Greatland. Alaska Is My Mistress is the story of Jerre Wills’ non-stop Alaska seduction.

Author : Jerre Wills

Jerre Wills' love affair with Alaska began in 1959 when he, his wife, and three young daughters homesteaded on Alaska's Kenai Peninsula. He quickly learned what it took to be an Alaskan and that he and his family were a perfect match for Alaska?the great land. He seemed to have been made to be a mariner. Fishing put beans on the table and was responsible for much of the family's Alaska lifestyle. Soon after the purchase of his first airplane he began guiding for big game and the plane was his main mode of transportation. Fishing in vast Alaska waters, flying into the bush, and dealing with bears were just some of the adventures and excitement that Jerre loved. He was tailor made for Alaska ? and is honest when he exclaims, Alaska Is My Mistress!

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