A Blessed Journey
A Blessed Journey

A Blessed Journey

Subtitle : A Life Story of a Dreamer from Kenya
Author : John Nganga Wamatu
ISBN No. : 9781637473917


Book : A Blessed Journey

ISBN Number : 9781637473917
Book Name : A Blessed Journey (A Life Story of a Dreamer from Kenya)
Book Pages : 168
Book Size : 5.06 X 7.81
Book Weight : 0.52

When John was young, he discovered himself and realized he was on the road and a journey. The journey seemed full of excitement, naivety, and hope. As he grew older, he went through a brutal period of hard work to achieve the goals he set for himself. Toward the end, John reaches a point of reflection and slows down to allow the next generation to continue the journey and tell new stories. In telling the story about his life, he attempts to mention some events he observed along the way. In this memoir, John shows that he came from a humble background and went through multiple blessed moments to reach a place where he can look back and call his life a blessed journey. When reading A Blessed Journey, you are invited to read and appreciate the author’s life story by sharing the experiences that brought him varied emotions.

Author : John Nganga Wamatu

John Nganga Wamatu wrote A Blessed Journey as an account of the blessed experiences in his life. He was born and raised in Kenya. He had great opportunities to travel and live in other countries before he migrated to the United States. He holds a Ph.D. in Agricultural Science from the Humboldt University in Berlin, Germany, a Master of Science in Plant Breeding, and a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture from the University of Nairobi, Kenya. He is a plant breeder who worked for fifteen years at the Coffee Research Foundation in Kenya and ten years as a pea and bean breeder at Brotherton Seed Company in the USA. John developed several outstanding garden pea and green bean varieties at Brotherton Seed Company. He lives in Moses Lake, Washington, with his wife and family. He and his wife co-founded the Blue Goose Care Centers adult family homes.


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