The Extraordinary Life of Edwin B. Winans
The Extraordinary Life of Edwin B. Winans

The Extraordinary Life of Edwin B. Winans

Subtitle : From the Stampede for Gold in California to the Capitol of Michigan
Author : Valerie Winan
ISBN No. : 9781637474099


Book : The Extraordinary Life of Edwin B. Winans

ISBN Number : 9781637474099
Book Name : The Extraordinary Life of Edwin B. Winans (From the Stampede for Gold in California to the Capitol of Michigan)
Book Pages : 280
Book Size : 6 x 9
Book Weight : 0.76

There was a mystery around the walking stick hidden away in the front hall closet. It was rarely even mentioned. It was revealing to pull it down from the top shelf and slide it out of the sleeve that protected it and into the light of day. The walking stick made of California redwood and topped with a nugget of quartz veined with gold is beautiful and impressive, stopping its observer in his tracks and making him wonder where it came from and who owned such an ornament. Who was the man who had the hubris to stroll down the street swinging such a glorious walking stick? The man, Edwin Winans, is as impressive as his stick. His story is revealed here in stages of his growth, starting as a young man in his quest for gold. He suffered much before he was successful; there’s a love story to recount, adventures, and political intrigues. This story of his life presents an insight into the unusual man who left Michigan a better place because he lived, worked, served, and left a legacy.

Author : Valerie Winan

Author Tag Line : A Writer for Readers of All Ages

Valerie Winans is a retired government manager and a lifelong resident of the Awesome Mitten. She lives with her husband, David, in Traverse City, Michigan, a scenic northern town and tourist destination. Her husband, David Winans, is the inspiration for The Extraordinary Life of Edwin Baruch Winans. Edwin's walking stick has been passed down to David through four generations. The stick shouts, “Tell the story!” Valerie is a member of Author Masterminds and Readers and Writers Book Club. You may contact her at


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