Running With The Big Dogs

Running With The Big Dogs

Subtitle : Chief of the Puzzle-Palace to Distraught Mother
Author : Carl Douglass
Series : Sybil Norcroft Book Six
ISBN No. : 9781594335297


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Book : Running With The Big Dogs

ISBN Number : 9781594335297
Book Name : Running With The Big Dogs (Chief of the Puzzle-Palace to Distraught Mother)
Book Series : Sybil Norcroft Book Six
Book Pages : 128
Book Size : 5.06 X 7.81
Book Weight : 0.32

Sybil Norcroft has spent nearly a lifetime to establish herself as a person of significance in a patriarchal world. Her successes have come at great cost and are, in sum, a mixed blessing. The cost to her family is heightened when, as Surgeon General, she must help her government and her fellow citizens avoid a financial catastrophe owing, in part, to the expenses of health care. She must give her blessing to a hard-line requirement by the Chinese to increase their lending to the U.S. When the Russian mafia–in collusion with the kleptocratic Russian government–launches an attack on the U.S. stock markets in a bid to cripple America, Sybil must aid in a brutal behind-the-scenes cyber fight which she conducts from her position as a secret CIA agent. It comes as no surprise when the Russian government and criminal organizations retaliate. The personal threat to Sybil goes beyond herself and to her family, and she is required to take risks she would never have imagined. There is great danger and great reward in Sybil’s latest endeavor. Is she woman enough to handle both?

Author : Carl Douglass

Author Tag Line : Neurosurgeon Turned Author Writes With Gripping Realism

Carl Douglass, Neurosurgeon turned Author, writes with gripping realism stemming from his experience as a general surgeon during the unpleasantness in Viet Nam including exposure to the murderous CIA Phoenix Program, about which he wrote a scholarly novel entitled THE LAST PHOENIX. Douglass is a retired neurosurgeon, a world traveler, and a humanitarian who has visited the parts of the world about which he writes. He was reared in a small mountain town in the west, then entered into competition with some of the best talents and brains in the country as he pursued his life's dream. He knows the underbelly of many countries and about the courage and dignity of people ruled by despots and has made for himself a research career trying to understand that part of the world. The Sybil series is a product of his imagination, but it has a generous dollop of practical reality woven into it. Douglass lives with his wife of fifty years in the quiet enjoyment of their mountain home.

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