A Shooting at Auke Bay

A Shooting at Auke Bay

Author : Gordon Parker
ISBN No. : 9781594338816
4.00 out of 5 based on 1 customer rating
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Book : A Shooting at Auke Bay

ISBN Number : 9781594338816
Book Name : A Shooting at Auke Bay

Darcey Anderson stared at the lights of Juneau reflecting off the water of Gastineau Channel. She saw none of the beauty of Alaska’s capital city. In her mind, she still was looking at the body of her husband, Trent Marshall, lying bleeding on the deck of the yacht. His father’s friend, Robert Monk, covered Trent’s body with his own, the small, semiautomatic handgun searching for a target. Captain Hannigan, skipper of the Nanuq, knelt beside the old man with his own weapon, joining Monk in seeking the shooter who had brought down their friend.

Author : Gordon Parker

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1 review for A Shooting at Auke Bay

  1. 4 out of 5


    Gordon Parker’s latest outing in “A Shooting at Auke Bay” continues to solidify my feelings that he’s a superb noir-esque fiction writer. Interestingly, whereas his inaugural book gave us a sharp muzzle flash, in contrast, this latest adventure is a slow, steady burn. All of his books show us the different facets that keep us lovers of hard-boiled detective stories and noir returning again and again to slant our blinds and let the orange light from the streetlamp outside bleed onto our walls. Are Trent and Darcey and by extension Mr. Parker existential pessimists? Well, while there’s perhaps a tinge of nihilism about Auke Bay, the “good guy” characters always find themselves on the right side of the law in an ethically effortless manner which is why I call Parker’s work noir-esqe and not noir outright. This book begins with a bang and leads us down some dark corridors. The action is a bit more subdued in this effort in a “third party” vein but nonetheless keeps the reader engaged and turning the pages to gather all the multi-layered details. This time, it is in Alaska that we get inside of our character Trent’s head, literally, as the writer shrewdly shows us what it is to be trapped in that in between place of the mind, and what happens when you might or might not want to wake up. It’s time for the “extras” to hit the stage in this one folks. Newly introduced Robert Monk gives us a close idea of what Trent may be like “when he grows up.” Characters from the previous two books make appearances and flesh out the story while our two favorite protagonists discover their own hubris. There are guns. There are a lot of guns. No really. There are A LOT of guns. I hope we hear more from this author in the future; his books are really just plain fun, full of murder, mystery and mayhem—page turners that satisfy like one of the book’s many meals. Bon temps y’all!

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