Alaska Tracks

Alaska Tracks

Subtitle : Life Stories from Hunters, Fisherman and Trappers of Alaska
Author : Randall Zarnke
ISBN No. : 9781594333989


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Book : Alaska Tracks

ISBN Number : 9781594333989
Book Name : Alaska Tracks (Life Stories from Hunters, Fisherman and Trappers of Alaska)
Book Pages : 224
Book Size : 6X9
Book Weight : 0.8

Author and historian Randy Zarnke has compiled a collection of irreplaceable stories of long-time Alaskans who have lived lives most of us can only dream of. Truly remarkable men, like Jim Rearden and Red Beeman, are the kinds of outdoorsmen who have given back more than they have ever taken, furthering the causes of conservation and fair chase hunting through exemplary lives. Rearden, a long-time member of the Alaska Board of Game and one of the founders of the wildlife management program at the University of Alaska, is the dean of Alaska outdoor writers and authors. His writings have always counseled the ?wise use? of natural resources and he has never back down from slamming the spoilers who are motivated only for quick profit. Red Beeman is a master guide, schooled in the old traditions of fair chase hunting. Never one to blow his own horn, Beeman provided his hunters with first class excursions; his clients safe in knowing their trophies would be handled professionally, all the meat salvaged and cared for expertly, and no better fair chase hunt could be found in Alaska. These men, and others, in Randy’s book are sadly fading from the scene and it is a joy to know that at least a little of their stories will be preserved for future generations to emulate and learn from.?

Author : Randall Zarnke

Author Tag Line : Voice of the Alaska Trapper

?Randy Zarnke has captured the voices of Alaskans of diverse backgrounds who developed a passion for life in the woods. Their challenges were endless - the weather, isolation, vagaries of fortune - but they eventually realized the privilege they enjoyed following a life of trapping, hunting, and fishing. The Alaska these men and women knew is retreating under the pressure of modern society. We are lucky Zarnke recorded their stories and offered them to us before it disappears.?

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