Agattu: The Alaskan Caribou

Agattu: The Alaskan Caribou

Subtitle : A Story About Self-Worth
Author : Erin Rivard
ISBN No. : 9781594333446


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Book : Agattu: The Alaskan Caribou

ISBN Number : 9781594333446
Book Name : Agattu: The Alaskan Caribou (A Story About Self-Worth)
Book Pages : 24
Book Size : 8x8
Book Weight : 0.2

Agattu is the biggest animal around, and proud of it! Until Mr. Moose confronts him and his worst fears come true?he’s no longer the tallest. Agattu takes drastic measures to be taller than Mr. Moose, and ends up in the middle of a lake! It isn’t until he see’s his reflection that he realizes he is special just the way he is.

Author : Erin Rivard

Erin Rivard is Alaska grown; a mother of three, and an Army wife. She has a degree in Elementary Education, a love for art, writing, and her family. Erin wrote Agattu for a class during her senior year at Chugiak High School. After several years, and the never-ending encouragement from her husband, it is published. Agattu is dedicated to him, her children, and her parents who always told her she could do anything she put her mind to.

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