A Semi for a Sleigh

A Semi for a Sleigh

Subtitle : This timeless tale is destined to become the highway Christmas classic
Author : Mark Mendonsa
ISBN No. : 9781594330209


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Book : A Semi for a Sleigh

ISBN Number : 9781594330209
Book Name : A Semi for a Sleigh (This timeless tale is destined to become the highway Christmas classic)
Book Pages : 16
Book Size : 8 X 10
Book Weight : 0.28

For an old stick” named Clutch, it’s just another blizzard blowing in from the north across the lonely Wyoming prairie. But this is Christmas Eve. On this special night, Clutch begins a journey where mysterious and unforgettable characters will change his life forever. A Semi For A Sleigh is a colorful narrative, complete with original musical score and songs on a companion CD. This timeless tale is destined to become the highway Christmas classic.”

Author : Mark Mendonsa

M ark Mendonsa, a retired truck driver, lives with his wife, Tamara, on a lake near Wasilla, Alaska. Mark came north to Valdez to work on the Alyeska Pipeline. For most of his career he drove out of the Anchorage port. Mark enjoys writing, painting, and traveling the back roads of America. Most of all, he loves the time he shares with his family. A Semi For A Sleigh was conceived one snowbound Christmas Eve as Mark's tire chains were singing like sleigh bells ringing." His story evolved into a family project as his mother, Mary, became his co-writer and his brother, Charles, composed and produced the soundtrack to complete the work."

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