Alaska Brown Bear
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Alaska Brown Bear

Subtitle : A Brown Bear Hunt on the Alaska Peninsula – An Extraordinary Adventure
Author : Jerry Edgington
ISBN No. : 9781594337819



Book : Alaska Brown Bear

ISBN Number : 9781594337819
Book Name : Alaska Brown Bear (A Brown Bear Hunt on the Alaska Peninsula – An Extraordinary Adventure)

Few experiences in life are true adventures; even fewer are truly extraordinary. Rarely, very rarely are they both; where the past and the future collide in an unforgettable present moment. Where the senses, the intellect and the spirit and harmony in the experience. I hadn’t imagined that an Alaska Peninsula bear hunt would be one of those adventures. I’ve experienced moments of truth when hunting—the rush of spotting game, the stalk, and the shot. But that changed on this hunt. Connecting to the transcendent silence of Alaska, nature as pure as it comes; that became my real moment of truth. It became my real world, more than the one I had le behind. My bear hunt was more than I expected and maybe more than I was prepared for, but not more than I wanted, or needed, and in the end it had little to do with getting a bear.

Author : Jerry Edgington

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