Alaska Northwest Arctic Hunts

Alaska Northwest Arctic Hunts

Subtitle : Multi-Species Hunts in the Northwest Arctic
Author : Jake Jacobson
ISBN No. : 9781637470916



Book : Alaska Northwest Arctic Hunts

ISBN Number : 9781637470916
Book Name : Alaska Northwest Arctic Hunts (Multi-Species Hunts in the Northwest Arctic)
Book Pages : 240

Alaska Northwest Arctic Hunts is a collection of 20 stories of hunting activities during the past few years. These are true stories. However, the names of some participants have been changed to preserve their privacy.

Author : Jake Jacobson

Author Tag Line : Alaska’s Favorite Real Life Wilderness Storyteller

Jake arrived in Alaska in 1967 and has been actively engaged in guiding and personal hunting and fishing every year. He holds Alaska Master Guide License #54, a Commercial Pilot license, a 100 Ton Mariners license, and has operated his Arctic Rivers Guide & Booking Service from his 80 acre deeded property since 1972. He is licensed to guide throughout Alaska in Game Management Units 6 through 26. Alaska Northwest Arctic Hunts is his seventh book.

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