Alaska’s Homegrown Governor

Alaska’s Homegrown Governor

Subtitle : A Biography of William A. Egan
Author : Elizabeth Tower
ISBN No. : 9781888125993


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Book : Alaska’s Homegrown Governor

ISBN Number : 9781888125993
Book Name : Alaska’s Homegrown Governor (A Biography of William A. Egan)
Book Pages : 160
Book Size : 5.5x8.5
Book Weight : 0.5

Alaska’s Homegrown Governor, A Biography of William A. Egan. Born in Alaska, Raised in Alaska, Schooled in Alaska” was how 25-year-old William A. Egan advertised himself during his first campaign for Alaska Territorial Legislature in 1940. Without an opportunity to attend college, Egan received his political education in the legislature. Fifteen years later, Alaskans chose him to lead the Alaska Constitutional Convention and then serve in Washington, D.C. as an Alaska-Tennessee Plan senator. In 1959, Egan, from small-town Valdez, became Alaska’s first state governor – the only governor born and educated in Alaska during the first 43 years of statehood.”

Author : Elizabeth Tower

Dr. Elizabeth A. Tower and her husband, John, both young physicians, moved to Anchorage in 1954. A 1951 graduate of Case-Western Reserve School of Medicine, Elizabeth worked 25 years for the Alaska Division of Public Health. After retiring in 1986, Dr. Tower began researching and writing about prominent people in Alaska history. She was named Historian of the Year by the Alaska State Historical Society in 1996 for Icebound Empire, a history of the founders of the Alaska Syndicate and the Kennecott Copper Company. She has also written short biographies of Stephen Birch, Sheldon Jackson, Austin E. ?Cap? Lathrop, and William A Egan; a guide to skiing in Alaska; a history of Anchorage; and several prize-winning articles for Alaska History magazine.

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