Alaska’s Savage River

Alaska’s Savage River

Subtitle : Inside Denali National Park and Preserve
Author : Valerie Winans
ISBN No. : 9781594334542


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Book : Alaska’s Savage River

ISBN Number : 9781594334542
Book Name : Alaska’s Savage River (Inside Denali National Park and Preserve)
Book Pages : 128
Book Size : 5 X 8.5
Book Weight : 0.42

Inside Denali National Park and Preserve is a story about wayfarers in the heart of Alaska? campground hosts who quickly become enchanted with the savage River Campground in Denali Park and Preserve, its history, its wildlife, and its guests to the campground from all over the world. The campground is near the location of the first tent camp in the park where visitors came by horse and later touring car from the railway station twelve miles away. it’s the first place along the park road where Mt. Mckinley, the highest mountain on the North American continent, can be seen. The stories of the early visitors? their desires to see wildlife and the mountain?are much the same as those of current campers. The people who are passers-by of this place may leave a legacy or a footprint, but they all take with them memories of a very special place.

Author : Valerie Winans

Valerie Winans, a retired state government worker, lives with her husband in Traverse City, Michigan, participates in a local reader's theatre, and writes with a writing group. She graduated with honors from Northwestern Michigan College. Dave and Valerie Winans learned many lessons as campground hosts in Denali National Park, to live in a rustic camp located off the grid. There was little in print about the history of the savage River area, and they saw the need for a book that would provide entertaining and information about this unique place. In interviewing Frances Erickson, daughter of Bobby Sheldon, and Jack Coghill, who spent summers at savage as a young boy, Valerie was encouraged to share their stories of the history of savage as well as current stories of her life at savage Campground

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