Author : Robert Algeri
ISBN No. : 9781594339424



Book : Andrea

ISBN Number : 9781594339424
Book Name : Andrea

I met Andrea Altiery in 1981; the first thing she asked was, “Do you like the rock band Aerosmith? I responded, “Yes.” She smiled and slapped me on my left shoulder telling me, “Dream on my friend.” Later that year Andrea was taken from us by the most notorious serial killer to ever hunt in the state of Alaska. Get ready to collectively ride an emotional ride through urban Alaska while looking through a steamy window for lost love; love that’s never found and love that maybe never was. I can only imagine the helplessness; the complete feeling of being alone these women had; Andrea must have had, preyed upon all of their spirit’s gathering together now.

Victims of circumstance; none of these women deserved to be mistreated like Andrea; dehumanized, erased from our minds. One last chance to give Andrea a voice, each woman asking us can you hear me, do you see me now?

Author : Robert Algeri

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