Alaska Hunting

Alaska Hunting

Subtitle : Earthworms to Elephants
Author : Jake Jacobson
ISBN No. : 9781594334047


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Book : Alaska Hunting

ISBN Number : 9781594334047
Book Name : Alaska Hunting (Earthworms to Elephants)
Book Pages : 224
Book Size : 6X9
Book Weight : 0.8

Alaska Hunting: Earthworms to Elephants, a collection of 39 stories, is intended to be seasoning for a Hunters’ pie, rural Alaska style.

Most hunters extol the charismatic mega fauna, but pursuit of lesser game often takes center stage. Occasionally hunting discoveries lead to other endeavors, from jade mining to gold prospecting and fossil recovery. Possibilities are limitless. As we engage in hunting and fishing pursuits memories are laced with the big ones?the exceptional, genetically endowed giants?but some of the brightest memories are of average representatives of their species. What made them so memorable was the combination of circumstances under which they were taken?or lost. Companions, whether human or animal, often make the hunt memorable and its recollections of trophy quality.

Author : Jake Jacobson

Author Tag Line : Alaska?s Favorite Real Life Wilderness Storyteller

After hearing stories of shooting moose in the cabin yard, placer gold and massive runs of salmon, at age five, Jake decided he would live in the far north. Twenty years later he arrived in Alaska - eight and a half years after Statehood and one hundred years after purchase of the Great Land from Russia. The first two years Jake traveled throughout Alaska delivering dental care to remote villages from Southeastern to Arctic Alaska as an Indian Health Service officer. He gained a first hand knowledge of subsistence, commercial and personal use of the abundant wild resources of the far north. Within a month of arriving in Anchorage, Jake was hired as an assistant big game guide and has ever since been actively engaged in hunting and fishing endeavors that ranged from catching earthworms for fish bait to accompanying Eskimos in their frigid pursuit of the bowhead whale and recovering ancient wooly mammoth remains. After five years as an Assistant Guide, Jake received his Registered Guide license in 1972 and Alaska Master Guide license #54 in 1984. Jake continues to guide hunts in the Arctic and transport deer hunters in the Kodiak Archipelago.

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