Beating Banks At Their Own Game

Beating Banks At Their Own Game

Author : Steve Levi
ISBN No. : 9781594338229



Book : Beating Banks At Their Own Game

ISBN Number : 9781594338229
Book Name : Beating Banks At Their Own Game

As you are reading this, banks are giving away millions of your dollars in gift mortgages. The banks are borrowing money from the federal government for mortgages, claiming the loans have ‘gone bad’ and then giving the title of the property to ‘deserving individuals.’ There is no federal check on these ‘bad loans’ so the mortgages are free and clear—and tax-free. A Writ of Mandamus filed by the author in August of 2017 may end this practice. Beating Banks At their Own Game, is a fictional approach to explaining how the process works. The Appendix includes a collection of nonfiction documents sent by the author to the FBI, SEC, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the Federal Housing Finance Administration to STOP the practice of gift mortgages. Beating Banks At their Own Game is the saga of five people who use occupational and real-life experience in banking and real estate to seize control of more than 120 lots in a six-block area in Las Vegas using money that does not exist. They slide the land titles into a shell corporation and then sell out to a development corporation for 75% of book value. By selling below market value they know the sale will go quickly and quietly. But can they get the land and sell it before their scam is uncovered by greedy competitors who want in on the action, state banking auditors, the IRS and the SEC?

Author : Steve Levi

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