Changing Today’s World
Changing Today’s World

Changing Today’s World

Subtitle : Days in the Life of Yaroslav Kandybavych Melnykenko
Author : Carl Douglass
ISBN No. : 9781637474075


Book : Changing Today’s World

ISBN Number : 9781637474075
Book Name : Changing Today’s World (Days in the Life of Yaroslav Kandybavych Melnykenko)
Book Pages : 356
Book Size : 6 x 9
Book Weight : 1.2

The author is a nonpolitician but is passionate about his country and deeply concerned about the perils it faces, including the specter of World War III. The book is a tale—a fictional biography—of a Ukrainian security agent/spy who is engaged in the Russian dictator’s war since 2014. It is a story of victories, defeats, love, comradeship, betrayal, and the highest of adventures. It is evidentiary—a serious look into the abyss, the end of times, which begins in Ukraine. It may be considered an allegory of our times.

Author : Carl Douglass

Author Tag Line : Neurosurgeon Turned Author Writes With Gripping Realism

Carl Douglass has had a long and complex life. The highlights are having married Vera, having four children, 11 grandchildren, and nine great-grandchildren. He has been a Teamster truck driver, a navy general surgeon, a practicing neurosurgeon, and a mental hospital general medical officer. He has written more than forty books of fiction, and ten nonfiction books. He lives in a quiet, smallish city in the Rocky Mountains with his wife and enjoys life there with her.


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