Sheep Dog and the Wolf

Sheep Dog and the Wolf

Subtitle : A Story of Terrorism and Response, and the Sheep Dogs Who Protect
Author : Carl Douglass
ISBN No. : 9781594333965


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Book : Sheep Dog and the Wolf

ISBN Number : 9781594333965
Book Name : Sheep Dog and the Wolf (A Story of Terrorism and Response, and the Sheep Dogs Who Protect)
Book Pages : 462
Book Size : 6X9
Book Weight : 1.9

Sheep Dog and the Wolf: A Story of Terrorism and Response, and the Sheep Dogs Who Protect, tells about Hunter Caulfield–a man who had long since shaken off his extraordinary past?Hunter had been in the nefarious CIA Phoenix program during the ?police action’ in Vietnam, and had learned a dangerous skill set. His old buddy, now the assistant DCIA, recruits him to be a Sheep Dog?a man who protects the rest of us, the sheep. The U.S. tries diplomacy, bellicosity, threats, embargoes, and a police approach to terrorist devils-incarnate, but none of them works. The president cannot reasonably launch another Iraq or Afghanistan without more harm coming to America. The American public is growing ever more restive. Senior diplomats, military officers, and the administration need a new approach, a new weapon. Sheep Dog is that weapon–an assassin who is a nearly perfectly crafted hunter and killer; a man who can work alone, and who can be disavowed and denied in a moment by a whim of the president.

Author : Carl Douglass

Author Tag Line : Neurosurgeon Turned Author Writes With Gripping Realism

Carl Douglas is a retired neurosurgeon who served as a general surgeon during the unpleasantness in Viet Nam. Carl is the author of Saga of a Nuerosurgeon: a Novel in Six Books, Last Phoenix, A Story of the CIA's Phoenix Program in Viet Nam?A Story of Betrayal and Revenge, and All in Jest: Renowned Neurosurgeon in the Fight of Her Life, a story of uncivil justice in and out of the courtroom, which again features a neurosurgeon, but this time a powerful woman at the peak of her career. Douglass now lives in peace, well away from that stressful arena. He and his wife enjoy a busy and active outdoors life in the rural setting of their home in the West. He spends his retirement years in a satisfying career of writing.

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