Coffee Pot Philosophy

Coffee Pot Philosophy

Author : Jim Bowron
ISBN No. : 9781594338731



Book : Coffee Pot Philosophy

ISBN Number : 9781594338731
Book Name : Coffee Pot Philosophy

Hey this is Jim. I can’t say I can live up to the tenets and codes expressed in these quotes and poems, but I can say I have been blessed with the grace of God to be able to think it, speak it and write it down. My mind is still a sponge and when I wring it out my poetry comes out. So I hope to shout. That someone may hear! All my life I’ve thought in riddles and rhymes. So now it’s time to define what is mine! So if I draw out a snicker or a sneer, I feel I have accomplished my job. So here it is; hope I can make you think twice.

Author : Jim Bowron

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