Complex America

Complex America

Subtitle : The American Settler's First Documented Accounts of their Unwelcome Arrival
Author : Daniel Smith
ISBN No. : 9781637470411



Book : Complex America

ISBN Number : 9781637470411
Book Name : Complex America (The American Settler's First Documented Accounts of their Unwelcome Arrival)

Complex America contains more than 30 articles clarifying America’s true history in a way that has not been presented to the public in our time. A thought-provoking, eye-opening read. Readers will ask themselves, “why didn’t I know that?” This non-fiction history includes corrupt politics and the necessary religious aspects inseparable from our American fabric. There has been much chatter about how Christians should stay out of politics—well, the entirety of The Bible is a sociopolitical history. When Jesus Christ stood silent in front of the Pharisees in their court of justice, he acted politically defiant in silence. Where do you think our right to remain silent comes from in our court of law? It is time for Christians to be involved pro-actively. Stop shying away from politics and religion, especially when you are freely discussing it tonight at the dinner table.

Author : Daniel Smith

Author Tag Line : Revealing Historical Truths Through First-Hand Accounts

Daniel L. Smith is a Historian and the author of 1845-1870: An Untold Story of Northern California. He holds a Master's degree in history and has lived all over the United States. He has traveled and lived around North America extensively. An Honorably Discharged US Coast Guard veteran, Daniel has written many historically thought-provoking articles for online and print audiences. Unrelated to his service, Mr. Smith was also recognized by Harrah's Inc. and the City of New Orleans in 2006 for volunteering in the rebuilding of New Orleans Commercial District after Hurricane Katrina in 2005. With so much confusion and fake information floating around, Mr. Smith has made it his passion to shake his audience free from the strict bondage of watered-down American and World history. Without anyone to fight the good fight," how does Christian-America stand a chance? This is the opportunity you've been waiting for."

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