Cottage in the Woods

Cottage in the Woods

Subtitle : One teacher's journey of discovery from the Alaska bush to Oregon outback
Author : John Petersen
ISBN No. : 9781594330599


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Book : Cottage in the Woods

ISBN Number : 9781594330599
Book Name : Cottage in the Woods (One teacher's journey of discovery from the Alaska bush to Oregon outback)
Book Pages : 160
Book Size : 6X9
Book Weight : 0.48

Cottage in the Woods, creative nonfiction, is based on a combination of journal entries, experiences, oral histories, and stories from the Oregon Outback to Bush Alaska. Cottage in the Woods points out the wisdom each of us has, and potential existing for all of us to gather insight from one another. Cottage in the Woods demonstrates a philosophy focusing on finding strength within to enjoy life and what it brings–good or bad–to find our Cottage in the Woods.” In the rugged Alaska wilderness a near-death experience forces John Alexander to realize that he may lose the love of his life as well as his own. In the death-chill of an Alaska winter John realizes his only chance to survive is from the wisdom of people he would not normally listen to. People from every walk of life he met provide help along the trail to find his own Cottage in the Woods. The reader will walk away with a much deepened insight and appreciation for the value of self and others after reading this book.”

Author : John Petersen

John Petersen has been honored with the opportunity to serve others as an educator and a lawyer. His time as a teacher in Bush Alaska and the Oregon Outback has given him unique insight in the similarities of people rather than their differences. After teaching cowboys in Crane, Oregon and Yupik Eskimos and Ingalik Indians in Sleetemute, Alaska he realized that underlying all stories traditions of cultures was an underlying theme of hope for a better future for children of these people. That hope hinges on their access to education and accepting that survival depends on our ability to listen and learn from others no matter what we may initially think of them. John writes about hope.

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