Enticed by Gold

Enticed by Gold

Subtitle : A Historical Novel Based on the Founding of Fairbanks, Alaska
Author : Doug De Vries
ISBN No. : 9781877721076


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Book : Enticed by Gold

ISBN Number : 9781877721076
Book Name : Enticed by Gold (A Historical Novel Based on the Founding of Fairbanks, Alaska)
Book Pages : 192
Book Size : 5 X 8.5
Book Weight : 0.52

In the spring of 1902, Sven Olafsen decides to return home to Minnesota, but he doesn’t want to leave his partner, old Tunis Vander Werff, who refuses to leave Alaska. After traveling from Nome by dog sled and river boat, they arrive at Captain Barnette’s store on the banks of the Chena River. Pedro Felix’s discovery of gold in the area shortly after their arrival leads Sven and Tunis north into the hills where they stake claims on three streams. Sven stays with Tunis through another winter and into the summer of 1903. Together they build cabins on two of their claims and another in the developing town of Fairbanks. Together they dig shafts in hope of finding more gold, and together they face scoundrels who attempt to take over their claims.

Author : Doug De Vries

Amid-westerner by birth, author, Douglas DeVries has lived in Alaska since 1984. Since 1987, after a teaching career spanning twenty-six years, DeVries has written for children and youth. His stories and articles have been published in several magazines. His early reader, Muscles Moose books show his interest in the outdoors, Alaska, and children. In Gold Rush Runaway, DeVries combines his interest in Alaska history and youth.

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