Fire Congress

Fire Congress

Author : Irene Petteice
ISBN No. : 9781594337550


The People Impose Congressional Term Limits

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Book : Fire Congress

ISBN Number : 9781594337550
Book Name : Fire Congress

Is congress corrupt? Fire Congress names the corrupt persons and tells you their crimes. A congressman gets elected and becomes a very wealthy congressman by “making very wise investments.” Of course, they have some help from K Street. K Street is where the lobbyists are. When congressmen are not receiving checks from lobbyists for their campaign funds, they are going to work for lobbying firms at the end of their careers—that is if the congressmen are not in prison. Then, of course, there are all of the earmarks they are no longer supposed to have! Literally billions of dollars of earmarks are tacked onto bills, some frivolous, for stuff that would otherwise never get passed, just to garner votes from their own constituency.

Author : Irene Petteice

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