Freedom, 250,000 BC

Freedom, 250,000 BC

Subtitle : Out From the Shadow of Popocatpetl
Author : Bonnye Matthews
Series : Pre-Clovis Archaeological Sites In The Americas
ISBN No. : 9781594336331


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Book : Freedom, 250,000 BC

ISBN Number : 9781594336331
Book Name : Freedom, 250,000 BC (Out From the Shadow of Popocatpetl)
Book Series : Pre-Clovis Archaeological Sites In The Americas
Book Pages : 102
Book Size : 5.06 X 7.81
Book Weight : 0.24

After years of abuse from his father Wing leaves the only home he’s ever known to find, as the male lion he sees leave its pride, a new home or die. At age 16, frail, injured, and alone in the mountainous untamed and untouched wilderness of Mexico of 250,000 BC, Wing struggles to survive, proving himself against a bear, where he learns elementary freedom. Award Winning Writer of Prehistoric Fiction, Bonnye Matthews’ novella, Freedom, 25,000 BC, tells the story of hearts and minds of primitive, early Americans and of Wing’s growing understanding of freedom and his application of it to life.

?America’s preeminent writer of prehistoric history . . . a book of hearts and minds.? Grace Cavalieri, award-winning author, host The Poet and the Poem from Library of Congress

?This outstanding Winds of Change series is very highly and enthusiastically recommended for personal reading lists, as well as both community and academic library historical fiction collections.? Midwest Book Review

Bonnye Matthews, what you write is amazing and beautiful, it is the ability of men with a life on our continent unsuspected by millions of people thank you for enriching our human history. I look forward to buy your book when on sale i can write a little english! Jonathan Melendez, Valued Reader from Monterrey Nuevo Leon, Mexico.

Author : Bonnye Matthews

Author Tag Line : Award Winning Writer of Prehistoric Fiction

Bonnye Matthews is the author of the Winds of Change series on the peopling of the Americas. She began to write the series after five years of intense research. Her study is on-going. Each of her novels is an award winner. She lives in the greater Anchorage, Alaska area in the United States. Her passion for her subject shows in her writing and speaking events

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