GAAP Russian Accounting

GAAP Russian Accounting

Subtitle : General Accepted Accounting Principles
Author : Rochelle Morris
ISBN No. : 9781888125504


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Book : GAAP Russian Accounting

ISBN Number : 9781888125504
Book Name : GAAP Russian Accounting (General Accepted Accounting Principles)
Book Pages : 394
Book Size : 6 X 9
Book Weight : 1.2

General Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and International Accounting Principles for Russians is structured course specifically designed for Russians who have a background in Russian Accounting. However, anyone can use this for reference, review, or general knowledge. Most of the International accounting standards are the same or very similar to IAAP. Consequently, individuals who understand GAAP are easily able to grasp international accounting standards. Therefore, this book starts with the theory of GAAP and International Accounting Standards (IAS) and the bookkeeping procedures based on these theories. The book is written in both English and Russian.

Author : Rochelle Morris

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