Horizons of Heroes 2

Horizons of Heroes 2

Subtitle : The Next Twenty Years
Author : Cameron Price
ISBN No. : 9781594337338



Book : Horizons of Heroes 2

ISBN Number : 9781594337338
Book Name : Horizons of Heroes 2 (The Next Twenty Years)

After returning from the Vietnam War, Cameron finds the United States has changed in ways he could not have imagined. He struggles to find his path through challenges in relationships, school, and employment. As an African American in the early 1970s, Cameron learns he must persevere a great deal more than the average person in order to achieve his goals and dreams. As one of the former highest ranking spies in the military, Cameron dares to share his view on how women know if it is “real love.” Horizons of Heroes: The Next Twenty Years is an amazing non-fiction book and an excellent read.

Author : Cameron Price

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