Horizons of Heroes

Horizons of Heroes

Subtitle : Free and Wild
Author : Cameron Price
ISBN No. : 9781594334504


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Book : Horizons of Heroes

ISBN Number : 9781594334504
Book Name : Horizons of Heroes (Free and Wild)
Book Pages : 172
Book Size : 6 X 9
Book Weight : 0.56

Cameron fostered great dreams as a child, and included serving his country like his father did–a World War II veteran and one of the first African American air force pilots. As Cameron matures he discovers that his color and ancestry will make achieving his dreams nearly impossible. Bigotry casts a long shadow and follows Cameron. However, it does not deter the young man from pursuing his desire to serve his country. Despite harsh challenges he begins basic training to become a full-fledged soldier. Cameron’s story is one of friendship, love, espionage, and high stakes drama. Cameron and his mismatched friend travel the world free and wild where passion, intrigue, and major challenges confront them. Horizons of Heroes: Free and Wild is a riveting, funny, sexy novel.

Author : Cameron Price

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