How Do You Say Goodbye To An Elephant

How Do You Say Goodbye To An Elephant

Subtitle : Maggie Leaves Alaska
Author : Dianne Barske
ISBN No. : 9781594330889


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Book : How Do You Say Goodbye To An Elephant

ISBN Number : 9781594330889
Book Name : How Do You Say Goodbye To An Elephant (Maggie Leaves Alaska)
Book Pages : 32
Book Size : 8x9
Book Weight : 0.84

How Do You Say Goodbye to an Elephant? Maggie Leaves Alaska, is the third book in a series about the intriguing animals at the Alaska Zoo. Written and illustrated by award-winning author and artist Dianne Barske, How Do You Say Goodbye to an Elephant is the true story of Maggie the elephant, living at the zoo. Should an elephant be here in Alaska’s cold climate? She became the source of much caring and concern. Once it was decided that she should be with other elephants in a California animal sanctuary, the community gathered round to say goodbye.

Author : Dianne Barske

Dianne Barske, writer and author, wrote and illustrated Mukluks for Annabelle, published by the Alaska Zoo; and, Two Bears There. Annabelle was the zoo's elephant artist and first resident animal. That book went on to win a national first prize for non-fiction books from the National Federation of Press Women in 2000. Dianne teaches art to children and finds that a great adventure. She is the mother of two sons and a daughter, and grandmother of two. ?I like watching people and animals,? she states. ?Watching Ahpun and Oreo together is about as fascinating as it gets!?

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