I Love You Best Little Moose

I Love You Best Little Moose

Subtitle : A fictional children's book comparing a parent's limitless love to the beauty and majesty of Alaska
Author : Rachael Sanger
ISBN No. : 9781594335709


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Book : I Love You Best Little Moose

ISBN Number : 9781594335709
Book Name : I Love You Best Little Moose (A fictional children's book comparing a parent's limitless love to the beauty and majesty of Alaska)
Book Pages : 24
Book Size : 10 X 7
Book Weight : 0.18

Get swept away to the north with this emotional children’s book as Little Moose opens his eyes for the first time to discover the world around him through the majesty of Alaska’s unique animals, places, and scenes. Through the height of mountains, through the beauty of sunrises, and the brightness of stars, your child will gain a better understanding of the amount of a parent’s love. Follow Little Moose page by page as he tries to guess what his parent loves more than all the beauty that Alaska offers. You and your child will find this story charming and endearing with it’s colorful illustrations that truly expresses the limitless love a parent feels for their child. I Love you Best Little Moose is a book that you will want to read over, again and again with your loved one.

Author : Rachael Sanger

Rachael DeGraffenried Sanger demonstrated an early passion for the music, art and writing. At age 5, Rachael had a love for making up stories and illustrating them. Her creative writing was ignited in high school when she found poetry to be an artistic outlet to her emotions. At age 18 she collected these poems into an unpublished book, ?A gateway into my Soul.? Rachael continued creative writing and poetry after high school, but became interested in writing children's books when she began having children. She decided to apply her talent of poetry and painting into children's books. Growing up in Homer, Alaska, Rachael was drawn to writing Alaska themed children's books that would tell and illustrate the vast beauty she grew up with. I Love YOU Best Little Moose is the result.

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