Late Summer Lilly

Late Summer Lilly

Author : Magdel Roets
ISBN No. : 9781594339820



Book : Late Summer Lilly

ISBN Number : 9781594339820
Book Name : Late Summer Lilly

Kelly Timmons lives in unpleasant circumstances. Her late husband did not provide for her; her nephew offered a good place to stay, were it not for his unbalanced wife who made Nelly’s life miserable. Furthermore, Nelly’s children were too busy to pay attention to her. On the day she found the late-blooming lily in her garden, symbolizing new hope for her future, her son came to visit for the first time in a long while. Nelly was convinced her son will be a solid part of her future, unlike her daughters who each make a phone call about once in six months. But then the young man found love and the girl gets all the attention. When Nelly ends up in an old age home she was more isolated than ever before. And then came the devastating news of her son announcing his plans to emigrate. But she did not forget the lily’s promise of hope. The idea for Late Summer Lilly came to Magdel when she found a bud on a lily in her own garden, totally out of season. Like in the story, this lily blooms only in early spring to midsummer. Magdel discovered this bloom late in February when summer in that part of the world is fading towards autumn. Naturally this flower made her think of her son, who is her youngest of four children and just having announced his emigration plans. Unlike the lady in the story, Magdel did not exactly feel forsaken, but as the story unfolded in her mind, Nelly had to have little hope, grabbing at every straw to keep herself going, to bring out the full meaning and symbolism of this late blooming lily.

Author : Magdel Roets

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