Subtitle : The True Inglorious History of President Obama
Author : Irene Petteice
ISBN No. : 9781594335600


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Book : Legacy

ISBN Number : 9781594335600
Book Name : Legacy (The True Inglorious History of President Obama)
Book Pages : 358
Book Size : 6 X 9
Book Weight : 1.12

A man with aspirations of being a world leader, Barack Obama, a man with many secrets of his own, set out to destroy the strongest power by bankrupting the nation, diminishing its military, and apologizing to all other countries for its arrogance. A man that has his own army and concentration camps ready at his whim for you. A man that could and should have brought unity between black and white America but his cause was to further his own agenda to take guns away from America and destroy its Second Amendment. Barack Obama, the man that said he was a Christian when everything he did pointed to the fact that he is a Muslim. Barack Hussein Obama, the man who will go down in the annals of history known as a Muslim, a Luminati, a member of the New Black Panthers, a member of the gay community, and as the worst President the United States of America has ever elected.

Author : Irene Petteice

Author Tag Line : America?s Senior Citizen Patriot Author

Irene Petteice did not start writing until she was 70 years of age. Since that time she has written Soundoff, Sell Your Soul, and The Lyin Kings. She is presently 74 years of age and has lived in Las Vegas, Nevada since 1971. She has always been a patriot as she came from a family of military volunteers going back from the Revolutionary War through the present time. Each of her books contain a copy of the Constitution and Declaration of Independence.

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